Here you can book your end-of-tenancy clean with MaidClean4You with full peace of mind.

Just choose the number of hours you need for your property size.

Our cleaners will do there best to complete the clean in the time allocated but if you did need more time your cleaners will let you know well in advance and you can pay the extra on the day @£25ph as we leave all of our end-of-tenancy bookings open.

When you book your end of tenancy clean with MaidClean4You you will also get all of the following benefits.

Carpets and/or oven cleaned by your cleaner - You can choose to have your carpets and/or oven cleaned by your cleaner this is a cheaper option but is only intended for a light clean if you have stains in your carpets then you may need a professional carpet cleaner.

20% Off coupon code for professional oven and carpet cleaning services will be emailed to you after you checkout so you can book your carpet/oven cleaner for when it suits you the same day following day is entirely up to you. Your End-off-tenancy your way!

Support Manager- When you book an End-Off-Tenancy clean with MaidClean4You you will get your own local support manager to make sure everything runs smoothly. In the rare case that it doesn't, they are your first point of contact from chasing up services that are running late to a full inspection and if needed calling in more services.




End-Off-Tenancy Cleaning Service
X2 Cleaners For A Deep Clean
+20% Off Professional Oven Cleaning Service If Needed
+20% Off Silver Carpet Cleaning Service If Needed
+Your Own Support Manager
Service Per Booking Intended For
4.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £100 Studio flat
4.5hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £112.50 Studio flat
5.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £125 Small one bed
6.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £150 One Bed
7.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £175 Lrg 1Bed/2Bed
8.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £200 Lrg 1Bed/2Bed
9.0hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £225  Lrg 2Bed/3bed
10hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £250 3Bed
11hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £275 3Bed
12hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £300 3Bed
13hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £325 Lrg 3Bed/4Bed
14hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £350 Lrg 3Bed/4 Bed
15hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £375 4 Bed
16hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £400 4Bed/4Bed+
17hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £425 4Bed/4Bed+
18hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £450 4Bed+ 
19hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £475 4Bed+
20hrs End-Of-Tenancy Clean @£25ph £500 4Bed+


 Reasons to use our services

  • All our end-of-tenancy cleaners are local

  • Cleaners are Dbs checked and vetted before being given any work and insured whilst working

  • You will get your own personal area manager to help things run smoothly

  • 20% off other services that you may need including professional oven cleaners and  professional carpet cleaners

  • Our office is open late throughout the week so you can always get in touch with our friendly staff should the need arise

  • Our rates are very affordable

  • Very easy online booking system

  • Add another service if and when required



Other services available through this website

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Affordable & insured

Our services are very budget-friendly and are highly recommended by our clients. Insurance cover and Dbs checks are also included at no additional cost for both our regular one-off and end-of-tenancy domestic cleaning services .





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