The different types of leather- nappa, grain, split, pigmented, aniline, suede require very specific treatment, care and skill. We offer great cleaning solutions for most types of leather, and a choice of service level. We have achieved amazing results for thousands of customers. We can do the same for your leather furniture. Please find our fully affordable prices for leather sofa cleaning below

Professional Leather/Upholstery Cleaning
Item Silver Gold Platinum 
2 Seater Leather Sofa £55.00 £71.50 £88.00
3 Seater Leather Sofa £83.50 £99.00 £115.50
Leather Armchair £38.50 £49.50 £66.00
Leather Dining Chair £16.50 £27.50 £33.00
Leather Footstool £27.50 £44.00 £60.50